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Jean-Jacques Ostier

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Format (in centimeters)32,5x25 cm

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Duplex printing. Unique print.

"The word mood will be given the ancient meaning of secretion, here linked to perception, to the test of time.

A pattern indicating directions, a succession, contains opacities and trasparences which, at each leaf, mask or reveal the head of sensibility at the moment-the manifestation of the intimate secret-where am I at every second? what is the nature of the transformation that is taking place? what are the colors, the rhythms of these states?
In any case, during this experiment, I will not agree to sign a pact with automatism, because this is for me an attempt to awaken and its journal, a derisory attempt at the same time to note a flow which, by its very nature, belongs to the inficible.
Thus the material of my work is what I defend myself and I testify, sheet after sheet, of the way in which an impulse is transformed (by the notes on the orients of the sheet, the recording of the rhythms thanks to the metallic jets, infiltrations of the breath of spraying) through the constantly renewed confrontation between what is reflex, habit, the weight of sleep and that frail wave that proceeds from consciousness.
Some elements will disappear under the final silkscreen - a kind of grid of reading, nourishing however the sheet like so many projects, if not led to the light, at least inscribed in the thickness, in the flesh of the paper. Thus, if destiny favors such a manifestation in conformity with its plot, another seemingly inadequate is not no less sometimes foundational, and I speak that its aura will hover around the leaf."

J.J.OSTIER, April 1990