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Jacques Villeglé

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Format (in centimeters)50x35 cm

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This poster has a long history. It begins in 2001, when I asked Jacques to print a project on "Les Murs ont la Parole." We were at that time a poster exhibition in the lobby of the City of Lille. He exposed torn posters of the series "Decentralisation" (taken from the walls of Lille) and personally, I exposed all ART ? posters. Jacques has designed the project of print but I was not packed, and I put the project aside, abandoned.

A few years later, in 2007, I worked with Jacques again for a new series of prints and I was in his studio for signing. By chance I came across a model of an artist's book that he had done in 2002, a Diary. He explained that I was indirectly responsible for the book project as an editor had seen the 5 boards of Calepino, a monumental edition of 5 large screen prints made in 2001 on the principle of Diary. This editor Jacques commanded a book project on the same principle but smaller and spread over one year. In late 2002, Jacques called the editor to submit the model and the book to be edited. The editor did not follow. Perhaps had there been confusion in the project idea? Still, as I was flipping the model, I was astounded by the quality and richness of this work. Suddenly I came to a page entitled Les Murs ont la Parole, a 2001 painting project, which was none other than the project I myself had ordered to Jacques and I had not realized. I decided to edit this Diary. Commitment was heavy because he asked me one year of work.

When the book was finished in November 2008, I told Jacques that he would be returning to the starting point and finally edit the founder print Les Murs ont la Parole. It made a change and created a background using the La République of Delacroix. I quickly edited and printmaking while doing it, I thought about this notion of the street that generated all the work of Villeglé: torn posters and socio-political alphabet. I thought it was a poster ART? on this concept and we decided to treat the theme of La Rue Chaude to show the power and influence of the street life and in art.

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