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Esther Ferrer

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Format (in centimeters)35x50 cm
Number of colors3
PaperSirène 150g

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Esther Ferrer, a Spanish artist living in Paris, gives us a blue flag / white / red in which double face questions are for us. This poster has lived an anecdote: Esther told me by phone, just in a hurry what she wanted. She wanted a series of questions on 3 columns, the first in blue, white and the second on the third red. So I printed a column of blue text to left, center in black and white issues on the third column on the right in red. When Esther saw the poster she said, "but that's not what I wanted, I told you blue, red white, it meant a background color of the French flag and black issues over ". I have all reprinted.

This poster is very effective; it attracts the attention of passers. The flag colors are a magnet and people instinctively closer and read the text. Some seem exasperated, others smile and read to the end. This creates a thought on if you have a national or nationalist mentality.

Alain Buyse