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Michel Butor

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Format (in centimeters)50x35 cm
PaperSirène 150g

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Michel Butor is a writer known for his participation for a time at the New Roman group. He has a great interest in art and made numerous artist books. We worked together several times.

The poster of Butor, such as Buraglio (ART ? 004) is a little anti-poster, it functions as something intimate, challenging the commonly accepted nature of the displays: aggressive, for a look , reading and rapid understanding. Instead, Butor gives us a very long letter (count reading 20min) that seems extracted from an even longer letter, the beginning and the end is not known. Insult to the reader? No ! He have to take time and pleasure. For the record, I visited Michel Butor in 1985 with Catherine (my companion), and he introduced us to his "writing lab" telling us to watch his books and have fun.

This poster will live a story later: in 2002, 2 Teachers of middle school of Calais chosen this picture as subject of study for their students and one of them noticed that the title L’Australie Relève la Tête (Australia Polling Head) designated the word ART in acrostic. They made work all students in the same way and handed me one day twenty sheets filled phrases lists performed well. Very quickly, I decided to make a poster and incorporate in the series just like all the others. Almost involuntarily, it made me invent the concept of Ateliers d’éditions populaires that I developed since 2005: to give people the means to practice editing original silkscreen alongside professional artists.

This gave the poster ART ? 095 which Butor subsequently answered by the ART ? 111, reusing the material of the students.


Alain Buyse