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Paul-Armand Gette

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No doubt a gift that we do not know what to do when it plays a role other than to decorate the walls of the "sweet home ". Then it is a way to see and even more to think to the extent that the public that we are still want to do it.

Paul- Armand Gette, August 1995

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Format (in centimeters)50x35 cm
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Ten years after his first collaboration with Paul-Armand Gette (Colour, etc ...), Alain Buyse encounter this sentence in a catalog that he bring at SAGA 1996 (P-A Gette, De l’incertitude, Helsinki, 1995). For Buyse, it must deliver this sentence at all ; Either in a book, but on the walls of cities. This poster is the starting point of the ART ? series that Alain Buyse began in 1996.

This phrase seems important because the only pleasure received by the perception of art, it substitutes or she adds the concept of work that can accomplish the viewer. Indeed the mere contemplation of a work is not enough for Paul-Armand Gette as role or function of art because it would search for a passive pleasure. Instead, Gette gives the public the opportunity to be active and to use art as a tool for reflection. The importance for me is that if the viewer of art increases its quality perception, it can change a lot of things for him.

Alain Buyse