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    BEAU COMME ...
    Thirteen artists have exhibited their comics behind the windows of thirteen packed windows as a birthday gift. The drawings are now the subject of this portfolio. It is a trail for all the inhabitants and artists, supporters and partners who participated in the 10th Windows that speak ("Les Fenêtres qui parlent").

    All the artists have worked on a unique theme concocted by Robert Rapilly after Isidore Ducasse:

    "Beautiful as the chance encounter on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella; Or, like the luminescent vibration of 10 birthday candles through Flemish tiles; Or rather as an endless angle of migratory cranes, flexible and powerful shuttles between Kortrijk, Montreal, Istanbul and Tournai; And above all, like the joyous rumor every spring over the embrasure of the talking Windows! "

    "Mooi als de toevallige ontmoeting tussen een naaimachine en een paraplu op een dissectietafel; Of zoals of glanzende trilling van tien verjaardagskaarsen by een Vlaams venster; Of Korrijk, Montreal, Istanboel in Doornik; In vooral zoals het vrolijke geroezemoes dat elke slow weerklinkt boven from Pratende Vensters. "
    (Dutch translation by Bart Van Loo)

    The portfolio was entirely screen-printed, with 2000 copies, thanks to the expert hands of Alain Buyse, serigraphist of art. This project was born out of the lucubration of the artistic commission of Reso Asso Métro composed of Béatrice Auxent, Frédérique Generali, Elsa Hanot, Christine Lancelot, Véronique Plane and Zouzou.
    The technical direction was entrusted to Cyprienne Kemp and the graphic layout to Matthew Auxent 4letters. The drawings were unveiled during opening in the districts of the metropolis of Lille between March 19 and April 10, 2011. These great debutations destifs, with song in choir created by Robert Rapilly and Martin Granger, were realized by TANGRAM, association Students of architecture of Lille, with the advice of Laure Chailloux for the staging.

  • E.A.

    Alain Buyse began screen printing in 1982-83 and began his publisher activities in 1985 following his meeting with Gérard Duchêne.

    To the edition of multiple in serigraphy will be added the publication of books of artists, like the collection PIECES in 1986. The E.A. collection was created in 1988 following the opening of the gallery "Epreuve d'Artiste" located in the basement of the workshop in Lille. Each exhibition is accompanied by an EA publication. A series of seventeen issues appeared between 1988 and 1895, identifiable by its unique format and its brown kraft jacket.

    The activity of the gallery suspended in 1995 resumes in 2000. Of a larger format, a new series of five E.A. is published.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 515 items